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Estate, Trust & Gift Services

Estate, Trust & Gift Services

A Plan to Benefit Both You and Your Heirs

A comprehensive estate plan will benefit both you and your heirs. We work with families with a wide range of circumstances to help you through a process that allows you to reach your estate planning goals. We can help you plan what happens to your estate, and help save your family time and money.

We will help you design an estate and gift plan that distributes your assets the way you wish and when you wish. We provide consultation in collaboration with attorneys and other trusted professionals on estate and gift planning strategies to tax and efficiently transfer assets from one generation to the next.

We get started by having discussions about your unique situation and your relationships. We help you review your assets and liabilities in order to identify planning opportunities to minimize taxes. We offer recommendations and strategies to chart the course that is right for you. We encourage clients to use planning tools that exist today including making gifts of family entities to take advantage of discounts.

Our services include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Gift Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Estate, gift & trust tax return preparation


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